Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kids Gone Wild!!

You Count them!! 6 kids gone wild. At last minute we decided that since the Bulldogs pulled through and the Rebels were on the way to a victory. (Can you believe it!!) I made some phone calls and found out that I am not the only one to take the extra, long ride home after a birthday party. Everyone was still out, made a u-turn, and ended up at the Power's. We usually talk big and never do anything, but all the men were gone, so we had Power Pizza night with some friends.
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Avery's First Pony Ride!!

This weekend we were invited to a Birthday Party and they had a pony for the kids to ride. It took Avery awhile for her to decide if she was going to ride. As for as Tripp, Can you see his outfit. He was in full gear and ready to ride. What a great day!!
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Friday Night With Mom!!

I tried to get some pictures for Christmas cards, but did not have much luck. Two children who never stop for anything.

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Last Soccer Game

We made it!! Tripp had his last soccer game. Thank goodness for all the tired moms running around trying to get everyone to the game on time and the cold weather was moving in quick. Tripp really enjoyed soccer this year and can't wait till next year. He got his first Trophy!!

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October/November at School

I blinked and November was gone. We have been so busy with field trips to the Pumpkin patch, Halloween and the Indian Pow-wow. I had to put some of the pictures of my little tribe. The kids all loved the day filled with all kinds of Native American activities.
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Halloween 2008

Watch Out Brett Basham!! It's true Tripp wanted to be Brett Basham for Halloween. After talking him out of being a Cowboy for the third year, he wanted to be Power 22(Logan) which we are most days in our house!! We finally agreed that he could wear his catchers gear and be BASHAM. That's right, Brett Basham is the starting catcher for the Ole Miss Rebels. It is something about catchers that Tripp loves. Reminder that this was the only thing Tripp asked for his birthday was a catchers helmet. I guess it is all the equipment it takes. Every year that Logan has played, Tripp has taken up with the catcher. Thank goodness Basham will be back this year.

Avery Parks was going to be Tinker Bell and refused to put the costume on. At the last minute, She was a ladybug that she didn't wear the year before. I can she a pattern going on with her. Enjoy!! This was our first official Trick-or-Treat with the both of them.


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It is the end of the season and we are finally getting the hang of soccer. Tripp had his best game ever!! He scored 6 goals and played really hard. One more game to go.